How to Eat Healthy at a Buffet

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Eating healthy at a buffet can be sometimes difficult as there are so many varieties (temptations) which makes you go "i want it all" and even a disciplined eater/dieter sometimes overdo it by taking in more calories than required. However, you can still enjoy your buffet the right way and keep your waistline in check with these few tips.....

Have Your Mind Made Up.
Having your mind made up is you coming to terms with the fact that you have goals and also you can't eat your cake and have it. Before you go out for that event, remind yourself of your goals and also why you have chosen to eat healthy and with this in mind you won't go overboard with your calorie consumption.

Don't Starve Yourself Before Going Out.
Most people feel since a buffet is "all that you can eat", they need all the space in their belly and by so doing they starve themselves before going for an event. This is so wrong because you will end up consuming more than you should. Always ensure you eat before heading out for any event.

Survey The Entire Buffet.
Before loading up your plate with food, ensure you have gone around and surveyed the entire buffet to ensure to pick the right options. Buffet usually comprises of almost all the classes of foods and therefore gives room healthy options and with this, you can enjoy your buffet and keep your waistline in check.

Go For The Greens.
Vegetables are low in calories and also very filling and this makes  it a healthy food choice. Fill up your plate with salad, vegetable stir-fry and at the same time be mindful of the salad dressings.

Watch Your Portion.
No matter the class of food you are eating, moderation is always very important. Be mindful of every portion of food that goes on your plate so as to avoid calorie surplus. 

Eat Slowly.
Eating slowly helps you get full on time. As minimal amount of food is consumed, it in turn result to a calorie deficit which eventually leads to weight loss. While enjoying your meal at the event, take your time in eating, engage in conversations with friends but remember not to talk with your mouth full😉😉😉.

Avoids Foods Like.....
Fried, fatty, creamy and starchy foods. go for grilled instead of fried meat/fish, lean meat instead of pork, lemon dressing for your salads instead of salad creams and proteins instead of carbohydrates.

Make Water Your Beverage.
I know the buffet is all you can drink but ensure you stay away from fizzy drinks/alcohol and stick to water instead. By so doing, you are cutting back on unwanted calories

Pick Your Desserts Wisely.
Desserts are awesome until you realize the damage done to your waistline. When eating at buffet, go for the fruits rather than the cakes and sweets.

<<<<I hope you do find these tips helpful and please feel free to drop any question in the comment section.>>>>