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Grilled Chicken Stir-fry Recipe

If your choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner is something light and super healthy, then this yummy delicacy which can be prepared with 10mins or even less is your go to.

200gms of sliced grilled chicken breast.1/2 cup of green pepper strips.1 cup of combined chopped onions, carrot strips, tomatoes and scotch bonnet.1 cup of sliced cabbage.2 tablespoons of olive oil.Thyme curry.Salt.Seasoning.  DIRECTIONS
Add oil to pan and allow to heat.Add salt, chicken breast and allow to simmer for 3 minutes.Add other vegetables, thyme, curry, preferred seasoning and allow for 4-5 minutes then turn off heat.

How to Eat Healthy at a Buffet

Eating healthy at a buffet can be sometimes difficult as there are so many varieties (temptations) which makes you go "i want it all" and even a disciplined eater/dieter sometimes overdo it by taking in more calories than required. However, you can still enjoy your buffet the right way and keep your waistline in check with these few tips.....

Have Your Mind Made Up.
Having your mind made up is you coming to terms with the fact that you have goals and also you can't eat your cake and have it. Before you go out for that event, remind yourself of your goals and also why you have chosen to eat healthy and with this in mind you won't go overboard with your calorie consumption.

Don't Starve Yourself Before Going Out.
Most people feel since a buffet is "all that you can eat", they need all the space in their belly and by so doing they starve themselves before going for an event. This is so wrong because you will end up consuming more than you should. Always ensu…