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Recipe: Unripe Plantain and CatFish Pepper Soup

Plantain is from the same family as Banana but unlike banana its either eaten roasted, boiled or fried depending on individual preference. Unripe Plantain is packed with nutrients like potassium, vitamin A,C & B6, fiber, low in potassium. Some of the health benefits of unripe plantain includes:

Unripe plantain is good for weight loss as it is low in carbohydrate.Unripe plantain is serves as a good meal for diabetic patients due to its low carbohydrate (Sugar) content. Plantains are full of antioxidants and it helps enhance ones skin.Plantain contains thiamine, folates, niacin and riboflavin and these minerals are essential for a healthy pregnancy.Unripe plantain helps enrich the heart. its helps dilate the arteries, improve blood flow and reduce homocystine.  
Let's get familiar with this yummy and easy recipe..........

2 medium size unripe plantain.1 medium size catfish. 1 handful of scent leaves.Scotch bonnet.Pepper Soup Spice. Half Onions.Salt,Seasoning. Crayfish.…

Beginners Guide:Journey to Living a Healthy lifestyle Must Have

Today's post is Inspired by one of Get Fit with Gladys blog readers by name Oyinkansolar. She requested i do a post on "things a newbie weight watcher must have" ranging from sport items to groceries. Embarking on this journey is not only about the physical must have but its also being PREPARED PSYCHOLOGICALLY

Below are some of the must have for a newbie who is embarking on the healthy lifestyle journey:

WORKOUT ESSENTIALS Whether you prefer working out at home or the gym, the following must have:
Comfortable Trainers/sport shoes: 
Calorie Counter Watch:
Good and Comfortable Workout Outfit:

Skipping Rope:
Yoga Mat: Dumbbells:
Resistance Bands:
Water Bottle:
Digital Scale:
Measuring Tape:
Smartphone Armband:

GROCERIES ESSENTIALS  Carbohydrates: when incorporating carbohydrates in your diet, ensure your carbs are complex carbs instead of simple carbs and below are some of my carbs recommendations and also bear in mind that moderation is key when serving your portions. Sweet P…

Health Dangers of Being Overweight

I have heard most people say "its not my fault I am over weight" forgetting that we humans have the power to control certain situations around us. Being overweight comes with so much health risks/dangers and below are some of these health dangers of obesity.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: when the human heart beats, its circulates blood to the whole body through the arteries. The Larger the human body, the harder it is for the heart to pump and supply blood to the cells and this in turn leads to High Blood Pressure. TYPE 2 DIABETES: this is the most common type of diabetes and it occurs in the human body when the blood sugar is above normal. This blood sugar usually comes about due to ones excess weight especially around the tummy area as a result of poor and unhealthy diet.PREGNANCY PROBLEMS: obesity causes hormonal imbalance which interferes with ovulation and menstrual cycle and its affects the chances of conceiving.HEART DISEASE AND STROKE: Just as obesity increases blood pressure…