Hey beautiful people, I know it's been a while I posted and I apologize😊😊. Today's post is going to be one which relates to each and everyone of us and at the same time I want you to ponder on it. 

In today's world we just want to eat and be satisfied rather than nourish their bodies  forgetting that our bodies reflex on whatever we put into it and it's taking a toll on our health daily thereby resulting to various ailments. It's no secret that about 50-60% of Nigerians don't go for monthly/annual medical check up and by so doing they don't know what's going on in their system/bodies therefore feeding it with the wrong class of food. 

Let's take for instance someone who knows he is diabetic and still eats Eba/fufu for breakfast, lunch and dinner simply because that's his favourite food and forgetting that this class of food puts his current state of health in danger or rather aggravate it and also someone who has ulcer but can't let go of fried plantains, yam, citrus drinks, etc knowing fully well that the consumption of these foods results to acid reflux. 

The illustrations above requires both parties to mend their relationship with food and make it a healthy one. Being diabetic requires freeing the body of sugar and these sugar don't just come in our beverages but also the carbohydrates we eat. Ulcer on the other hand is curable by avoiding starvation, acidic foods/drinks and also fried foods. 

These healthy foods are all around you and believe me they are not as expensive as people have made it seem. Rather than buying that handbag or shoe of N10,000 why not invest it in some healthy groceries that your body needs to function or get some fruits and vegetables instead of pizza and beer. 

I know a good number of persons would say God owns our lives and that I don't doubt it but at the same times let's do that which is needful to elongate our days which obviously is caring for the body which we live in as it is the Temple of God. 

Let me leave y'all with this to ponder on... 
Are you eating to feed a disease or fight it? 



  1. Mami toh sure..sound it..
    After I just swallowed bananas😂😂😂..God save us

  2. Hey dear, i've been reading your blog lately, and i must say, its amazing you're amazing. It has been really helpful, as i'm a beginner in this whole weight loss journey. So i appreciate you and what you do, and i want to say thank you and well done.
    Please i have a lil request though. I don't know if you can possibly write a post about things a newbie weighwatcher must have, ranging from foodstuff and groceries to sports item. I'd be most grateful if you can, as it will go a long way in helping in this journey i'm about to begin. Thank you so much for the good work dear, God bless.

    1. thank you so much for reading. I will definitely work on your request. Please ensure you subscribe so you can't be notified when the post is up. 😊😊

  3. Yes ma'am, i've already subscribed ma. Thank you so so much for accepting to look into it, i'm really grateful.