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Hey beautiful people, I know it's been a while I posted and I apologize😊😊. Today's post is going to be one which relates to each and everyone of us and at the same time I want you to ponder on it. 
In today's world we just want to eat and be satisfied rather than nourish their bodies  forgetting that our bodies reflex on whatever we put into it and it's taking a toll on our health daily thereby resulting to various ailments. It's no secret that about 50-60% of Nigerians don't go for monthly/annual medical check up and by so doing they don't know what's going on in their system/bodies therefore feeding it with the wrong class of food. 
Let's take for instance someone who knows he is diabetic and still eats Eba/fufu for breakfast, lunch and dinner simply because that's his favourite food and forgetting that this class of food puts his current state of health in danger or rather aggravate it and also someone who has ulcer but can't let go of…