`Friut in Season:Grapefruit

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Grapefruit is part of the citrus family, high in fiber with a sweet sour taste which may not go well with some taste buds but does our body system good and it sure is one of nature's finest fruit. This Amazing fruit has pulp (color) varieties of red, pink and white. Grapefruit is currently in season and the white pulp variety is mostly what we have available here in Nigeria, it's low in calories, nutrient dense(lycopene, potassium, fiber), very affordable as 5 whole grapefruit goes for N100. The Consumption of Grapefruits provides the body benefits other than vitamin C and these other benefits includes the following:

PROMOTES DIGESTION: to some constipation/bloating is inevitable and grapefruit sure aids constipation as it is contains water and fiber content which promotes regularity for a healthy digestive tract thereby providing relief.

HYDRATION: grapefruit comprises of 91% water making it part of the top hydrating fruits nature has blessed us with. if you ever feel thirsty but don't feel like drinking water, you can easily have a glass of grapefruit juice instead to help you stay hydrated and also grapefruit is a perfect snack idea to have in-between meals.

ASTHMA PREVENTION: the risk of developing asthma is lowered and also its attacks are reduced when grapefruit is consumed. The Vitamin C contained in grapefruit helps prevent asthma.

IMPROVES THE HEART HEALTH: the consumption of grapefruit which is a combination of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, lycopene and choline helps promote a healthy heart.

WEIGHT LOSS: consuming grapefruit before meals suppresses appetite thereby causing one to eat less which eventually leads to weight loss.

HELPS PREVENT DIABETES: consistent/regular consumption of grapefruit helps prevent the occurrence of insulin resistance (when the cells stops responding to insulin) which causes diabetes. Insulin is a hormone in the body which helps control the blood sugar and when insulin resistance occurs in the human body it spikes ones blood sugar and makes that individual prone to diabetes.

OTHER BENEFITS: cures fever and malaria, reduce acidity in the human body, promotes better sleep, reduces fatigue and also contains antioxidants that protects and repairs the body from damages caused by ailment. 

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