Incorporating Exercise in Your Busy Schedule

Photo source: Dumb Little Man

Time becomes a luxury and life gets in the way causing us to miss out on our daily exercise routine which is so paramount as it comprises of so many health benefits and some of these benefits includes: protecting you from heart diseases, high blood pressure and stroke, increase in energy
level, stronger bones, weight loss, better state of mind as the body produces a chemical called Endorphins which helps one to feel peaceful and happy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be part of our top priorities as being fit and healthy prepares and allow us to go about our daily activities. Whether you are a stay home, worker, student or entrepreneur with a tight schedule, below are some of my tips to help you incorporate exercise in your busy schedule.


Having a goal or target provides room for more efforts and strategies to be put in place other to achieve that particular goal. If you are the type who runs a 9-5 job or experience shift rotation at your work place, set that target which you want to achieve be it weight loss, general fitness, covering a certain number of steps/km per day and work towards achieving your target. For Instance if your target is covering 10,000 steps a day, do more walking and less sitting.


Planning is everything. waking up early gives you an edge over others as it means you achieve certain things even before your day actually starts. if you usually wake up by to your day, try waking up 30 mins or an 1 hr earlier so that you can get a good workout before starting going about your morning routine.


A workout buddy is not just someone who you exercise with but its also that person who motivates you. The tip above "waking up earlier than Usual" most times doesn't guarantee you working out because you sometimes lack the motivation and zeal to exercise and this is where having a workout buddy/competition helps you out. Personally, I see my Instagram page as my workout buddy/competition because I follow people who share the same goals as myself and whenever I lack the motivation the workout after waking up early, I scroll through my timeline and find motivation from those who just posted a video/photo of their workout. 


Take a walk at every opportunity you get. Walking is one of the easiest way to keep fit and it requires very little energy from you. Walk to the bus station to catch your bus or if you drive, park your car farther away from your office and walk the distance. Set a daily target of steps you wish to cover daily and take the necessary walk to cover those steps.


You can actually burn a good number of calories while at work by using the stair case instead of the elevator, walking to file documents or even make photocopies rather than asking someone else for assistance. For the ladies, while using the restroom at work you can actually get a good number of squats and Lunges done 😁😁😁. 


Exercising at home doesn't just save you that gym membership subscription but it also saves you time and  the stress of dealing with traffic while heading to the gym which in most cases you either end up getting to the gym too tired and also not working out or turning back home due to traffic frustration. Whether you prefer working out in the morning before going to work or evening after close of work choose home workout over the gym as it can easily be incorporated in your busy schedule.  


  1. I think I'll try this, thanks.

  2. Nice tips and the endorphin part is so true. Leaves me feeling good all day

    1. That feeling is just awesome. Thanks for taking out time to read.