Exercising Regularly but not Seeing Results?

Happy New Month Beautiful People, I pray for good things to come your, all your heart desires will be granted, the works of your hands blessed and may you find all that you seek. So about today's post, the year is almost over and you haven't even achieved half of your 2017 goals. It can really be discouraging, frustrating and depressing when you put  in so much effort into exercising and at the end of the day results doesn't surface. don't be too hard on yourself as it is possible there are certain things you aren't doing right. Below are a some of the possible reasons why you aren't seeing results.....


Healthy foods also contain calories and therefore they should be eaten in moderation. Most people feel that once a food is themed Healthy it's consumption should have no limit but this is wrong as its will cause a stall in your weight loss. For you to see results in the gym, you have to make sure your plan in the kitchen right by eating less calories so those results can come to light as exercise is 20% and your meals 80%. 


Most people are guilty of this as they spend so much time in the gym burning very little calories. a person who walks on the treadmill for an hour at a speed 2/incline 3 won't yield the same results as someone who engaged in a 30 mins High intensity workout or weight lifting. when you workout in the gym or home ensure you engage in exercises with high intensity as they burn more calories. If you are one of those who workout in the gym, tell your trainer to incorporate high intensity workouts in your routine but if you workout at home like me, you can check online for some high intensity workout or be still check out some of my guides HERE HERE and HERE


Last week a friend of mine told me she had smoothie as her mid-day snack and I requested to know the contents. when she sent me the contents of the smoothie it was over 600 calories and this is aside breakfast, lunch and dinner considering the fact that her daily calorie intake is 1200. when drinking smoothies, ensure you keep it as simple as possible by incorporating more veggies and less fruits, ditch the sodas and bottled drinks also always read the calorie content of any themed healthy drink you purchase in stores. 


The body adapts and get used to any type of exercise you engage it in and over a period of time it stops responding. you are possibly not seeing results because your body is now used to your daily routine and it requires change from your end. instead of doing the same type of exercise regularly, try switching up different workout daily or weekly as you may prefer. don't be afraid to try new things or new equipment's in the gym/home, be open to any type of routine.


Stress is that part of life some of us cant away run from and Yes stress can put a stall on your weight loss. when you are stressed to a certain level it triggers the stress hormone called CORTISOL and this hormone therefore cause you to crave for food and also cause a drop in your sugar level which then makes you crave for sugary and fatty food. it can be sometime difficult to manage stress but try as much as you can to avoid stressing yourself too much so your efforts in the gym wont go to waste.


You have been working out for a while and whenever you climb the scale the figure is always the same and you are already thinking of giving up, don't focus on seeing the scale move alone as you can also measure your results via your clothes and measuring tape. don't expect to lose that 10-20kg in one day because you didn't gain it overnight, be patient with yourself, don't look for quick fix, take it one day at a time, it is your journey so enjoy every process and stage of it.


  1. I think i am very much stressed... thank you so much for this piece😊

    1. you are welcome and please do ensure you do something about managing that stress.


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