Workout Guide for the Week

Happy new month beautiful people and Happy Independence to our beloved Country NIGERIA. I pray for God's continuous blessings upon
our lives and also our Nation. It's a new month and am starting it with working on my core (abs/tummy). The daily workout routine above comprises of 1 different Abs exercises and also a warm up exercise. Engaging in abdominal workouts alone won't give you that flat/toned abs you desire, ensure you combine it with a healthy nutrition. Like the saying goes "abs are made in the Kitchen".

<<<<wishing y'all a blessed and productive week>>>>


Jumping Jacks 

On your Knees

Plank Jacks 

Plank side to side 

High Knees 


Russian Twist 

Flutter kicks 


Side Plank March

Bicycle Crunches 

Toe Touch

Leg Raises

Inch Worm