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Hey darlings, I know its been a while I posted and I truly apologies as sometimes life gets in the way and time has become a luxury which I cant afford at the moment, I know its not an excuse but henceforth I promise to post more often.
So about todays post, we all know losing weight can be expensive as some diet plan requires a lot from our finances and also gym membership don't come cheap. I have lost over 30kg on a budget and today am going to be sharing with y'all how to lose weight on a budget, below are some of my tips....

Ditch the Gym and Workout at home

Some gym membership ranges between N8,000-N30,000 per month which even exceeds ones minimum wage and this can actually be discouraging. The gym isn't the only place where you can get your workout in as you can exercise anywhere even in the comfort of your home. To get your workout done at home all you need is Motivation, yourself and Space. you can download workout videos online, buy workout dvd's or even checkout HERE HERE  HERE  HERE   HERE  and  HERE for some of my home workout guide. Do you know if you decide to ditch the monthly gym membership which goes for N10,000 you will be saving a total sum of N120,000 yearly which can help you take care of other expenses????

Patronize your local markets instead of big Fancy supermarkets

When going for grocery shopping and also working with a budget its ideal you patronize your local markets as they sell at cheaper prices and leave room for bargain unlike supermarkets where prices tags are attached to everything and leaves no room for bargain. 

Prepare your own Meals

When you make you own meals, you are in the know of  what goes on your plate, how much calories you consume and also saving cost as buying same quantity of food outside would cost more. for  instance omelet at Southern fries goes for N400 whereas two eggs goes for N80. So  if you decide to make your omelet yourself, you will be saving N320

Eat only what you Pack

When you prepare and pack your meals for work or other occasions, ensure the quantity is one which will keep you full the whole day so you don't end up spending money buying extra food outside. pack fruits like apples, oranges, pears, etc which you can snack on when you feel hungry.

Ditch the Slim Teas and Eat Healthy

Slim teas claim to suppress appetite, help burn fat and boost the body metabolism which then leads to weight loss. These claims has made its patronage so high despite the expensive price tag. No slim tea can help you lose weight if your diet is off track. focus on eating healthy by incorporating more fruits, vegetables, protein and less carbs in your meals. Instead of spending that N9,000 on slim tea, invest it in something else. 


  1. Am the first to read ...💋💋haven't learnt to make my own meals solely tho would do so

    1. Please do as making your own meals helps a whole lot. Yes you are the first and thanks for reading.

  2. Nice points and very useful too