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Oatmeal Biscuit Recipe

Most biscuits in stores are packed with calories and ingredients we sometimes can't pronounce preventing you from knowing what goes into your system. Today I will be sharing with y'all my Oatmeal Biscuit Recipe, it's easy to make and goes for 37 calories each.


1 cup of blended Oatmeal.2 tablespoons of skimmed milk. 1 tablespoon of brown sugar.1 teaspoon of vanilla flavor. 1 egg. 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. 1/3 cup of water. PREPARATION In a bowl combine dry ingredients: oatmeal, milk, brown sugar, mix together and set aside. In a sizeable bowl combine wet ingredients: vanilla flavor, egg, coconut oil, water and mix very well.  Pour the combined wet ingredients into the dry one and knead for 5 mins. After kneading, refrigerate for 30 mins. Bring out of the refrigerator, cut dough into 14 portions, roll into balls and use your hands to flatten each. For the designs on the biscuits, press a fork against each and put in a preheated 250oc oven to bake for 30mins. You c…

Exercise Guide For the Week

Happy Sunday beautiful people, trust y'all doing great. It's the beginning of a new week and to succeed or achieve your goals you have to plan. To aid you, I have planned out this week's workout and basically they are exercises you are all familiar with except for two routines which I have posted their illustrations below. If you can't recall other routines please do click HERE and HERE for illustrations.  May your week be blessed and productive.

Lunch Inspiration: Curried Sweet Potatoes in Vegetable Stir-fry

Sometimes I do run out of ideas on what to have for lunch and over the weekend I had two medium size potatoes and some vegetables


Hey darlings, I know its been a while I posted and I truly apologies as sometimes life gets in the way and time has become a luxury which I cant afford at the moment, I know its not an excuse but henceforth I promise to post more often.
So about todays post, we all know losing weight can be expensive as some diet plan requires a lot from our finances and also gym membership don't come cheap. I have lost over 30kg on a budget and today am going to be sharing with y'all how to lose weight on a budget, below are some of my tips....

Ditch the Gym and Workout at home

Some gym membership ranges between N8,000-N30,000 per month which even exceeds ones minimum wage and this can actually be discouraging. The gym isn't the only place where you can get your workout in as you can exercise anywhere even in the comfort of your home. To get your workout done at home all you need is Motivation, yourself and Space. you can download workout videos online, buy workout dvd's or even chec…

Wheat Bread and Egg Toast with a Twist

Eating healthy shouldn't be boring as you can always make the best out of any meal. Today am sharing with you a yummy, healthy, filling and well balanced breakfast idea (wheat Bread and Egg Toast) which can be prepared in less than 15 mins.

Workout Guide for the Week

Happy new month beautiful people and Happy Independence to our beloved Country NIGERIA. I pray for God's continuous blessings upon