Workout Guide for the Week

When I started my weight loss journey, rope jumping was major exercise i engaged in and it really helped me a lot. Rope jumping is a full body workout which burns 800-1000 calories an hour, it improves your heart rate and blood pressure, tones your lower
body, improves flexibility and it's very affordable (N300-N1000).
This week we are focusing on this calorie blasting workout. Above is a guide which I have designed and it comprises of three different levels which are beginners, intermediate and advanced. 
Beginners: those new to exercise.
Intermediate: those who aren't beginners nor advanced.(a bit experienced in exercise). 
Advanced: those who are experts or pros in exercise. 
For effective result, trying skipping twice a day especially if you are a beginners/intermediate. 

<<<<Wishing you all a Blessed and Productive Week>>>>

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