Workout Guide for the Week

A new week is another opportunity to start afresh and also right those wrongs from the previous week. For instance you messing up your diet and Skipping most
of your exercise or not being able achieve your target for the week, worry not for you are only human and mistakes are bound to happen.
To kick off the new week, above is a suggested workout guide I put together which can be done right in the comfort of you home.
Below are illustrations of some of  the exercises.

Jumping Jacks 

High Knee

Plank side to side rock 



Jump Squat

Knee to Elbow 

Walking Lunges 

Curtsy Lunges 

Leg Raises 

Flutter Kicks 
Plank Jacks 


Russian Twist 
P.s: you can jog/walk inside you compound or round you house.