Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Photo source: BT.com

When it comes to exercise it is very easy to lose motivation as we sometimes get so bored of doing the same thing over and over again. It even gets worse when you are on a weight loss journey and your exercises aren't paying off. The phase of lack of motivation to exercise is
something i have experienced and still do. so i have decided to put together ways which i have used to keep myself motivated when it comes to exercise and  i hope you  find these tips helpful.

Engage in Exercises You Love and Enjoy: when you love or have passion for a particular exercise you will always look forward to it. Personally i love cardio (rope jumping) and i always look forward to waking up every morning and getting my workout done. so if you love dancing, strength training, yoga, boxing or running, make it part of your daily workout so you always look forward to working out.

Remember you have Goals to Achieve: my goals are my major motivations and having goals to achieve provides room to determination and consistency to exercise. sitting down in a particular spot won't make you fit into that dress/suit in the next two months as you have planned, the only way to achieve that is to get active and get your daily workout in.

Create a Bad-Ass Playlist: we all have that one music we dance to even when we are tired and this can also be associated with exercising. on days when i go for jogging i always have my earphone on listening to my favourite songs and this motivates me to even go further than expected. if you wish to cardio/aerobics indoors, put on your favourite songs and exercise to them.

Get a Workout Buddy: a workout buddy is that person/friend who exercises with you or share the same fitness goals with you. When you have a workout buddy, he/she is always there to remind you to exercise and also make you see reasons why you should. For instance my workout buddy doesn't live in the same city with me yet he helps me stay accountable by waking me up early in the mornings, making me send a video of myself working out or a sweaty picture to prove that i actually got my workout done and this has really helped me stay motivated.
P.s: when picking a workout buddy do ensure he/she is goal driven, determined and focused.

Visualize the Results: I always visualize how close I would be to my goals when am consistent with my workouts. Having this in mind always gives me reasons to exercise. For instance exercising 6 days a week would result to dropping 1 dress size in a month, knowing this would happen in a month is enough motivation not to miss a day of workout.