Breaking the Weight Loss Plateau

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Losing weight can be tough but it gets even tougher when you hit a "weight loss plateau". A Weight Loss Plateau is when there is a temporary stall in weight loss and this can be frustrating to some person which may likely result to them giving up on their
journey. Hitting a weight loss plateau doesn't mean that you are cheating on your diet/exercise as a weight loss plateau can be attained even when you are eating right and exercising regularly. When there is a stall in weight loss, the following should be considered and worked on in other to break the plateau.

Focus on a Calorie Deficit: a calorie deficit is burning more calories than you consume. for instance burning a 2000 calories and consuming 1200 calories thereby creating a calorie deficit of 800. when you attain a weight loss plateau, the first thing you need to get back to your drawing board and work on your calorie deficit. Ensure you are burning more than you consume to aid break the plateau.        
Switch up your Exercise: The body get used to whatever you feed it with and overtime it stops responding to what its being fed with and by this I mean Exercise. When the body gets used to a particular exercise, it eventually stops taking command as it is already used to the routine and changing your exercise type is necessary to help break the weight loss plateau. for instance if you have been doing cardio exercises before you hit a plateau, trying switching it up to High Intensity Workouts or Strength Training.

Don't Drink Your Calories: Most times we drink our calories in our teas/smoothies/coffees without knowing it and this results to weight gain or placing a temporary stall on our weight (Weight Loss Plateau). when making smoothies ensure you keep it as simple as possible with more vegetable and less fruits, avoid adding excess yogurt/milk to them and also measure the portion of each fruit and vegetable that goes into making the smoothie so that you don't exceed your calorie intake for the day. keep you tea/coffee simple with less sugar and skimmed milk instead of full cream milk.

Incorporate More Activities into your Day: When trying to burn more than you consume, the time you have to get your workout in may not always be enough, so try to incorporate more activities into your day to help you burn more calories. Do more walks in your office by doing the filling yourself, waking to the copier to make copies instead of sending a colleague, use the stairs and ditch the elevator, park your car farther from your office and walk the distance, do your house chores, gardening, laundry, dishes and watch those calorie burn count.

Reduce your Carbs Intake: Its no news that our bodies gets its energy from carbs consumption but at the same time we should be mindful of how much we consume to prevent adding up unnecessary calories to our daily needs. When having carbs as part of your meal, ensure your vegetables and proteins exceeds your carbs and also opt for complex carbs.

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