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Miss Jennifer Osei Anima is a 23 years old Ghanaian from Kumasi (Ashanti Region), only girl among 4 children and currently studying at the Institute of Business Management and Journalism Kumasi to pursue a career in Journalism.

Today Jennifer shares her weight loss success story and how she lost over 25kg with getfitwithgladys.

What motivated you to embark on your weight loss journey? 

I was tired of being looked down upon even among the family, depressed and traumatised for what I have allowed myself to become, the weird names and hurtful words which the society thought was funny. One of the scariest reasons was to stay away from the diabetic history line of my paternal family which is my major goal for staying fit and healthy.

How long did it take you to lose the weight and how have you managed to keep it off?

It's been almost 18months now, with a starting weight of about 90kg and a current weight of 64.4kg (it's been an on and off journey ever since I lost most of the weight). Though I have written goals but not a goal weight, so I eat well, trying out different diet plans and train hard.

Is there a particular exercise you did and food you ate to lose all the weight you have lost so far?

Starting this journey has been a greatest desire and the urge to lose weight was more than love so I started with anything at all that could make me sweat as well push me out of my comfort zone. Started brisk walking since I could hardly walk a distance,  added a bit of jogging some days and now I run until am done, I did almost everything, all round type of exercises to shred off the excess weight .
Make healthy meals with your type of local organic foodstuffs, less of the foreign foodstuffs if you can't afford them....and the least don't make fancy, yummy looking meals because he/she made it on any social platform.

What do you enjoy most about this new lifestyle? 

Oh did you just say enjoy....naaaa the word is Love, the love for the 'Rainbow' kind of eating; the varieties of fruits with different colours and nutritional benefits that see to the healthier version of the one involve. Also, it this same lifestyle has helped improve my knowledge about foods, when to eat, what to eat and even why I chose one among the rest.

How do you keep yourself motivated? 

My motivation comes from what and where, how healthy and strong I want to be with consistency, Perseverance and discipline. Under normal circumstances, I get all other humanly possible motivation from wonderful fit family (the list is never ending though) out on the instagram and other platforms.

How do you deal with cravings? 

With cravings, you don't have to always satisfy them like the easy to overcome type, you can use water as accomplice or companion and those that come with this strong desire or urge to munch on anything unhealthy are taken care of with nuts (peanuts, tigernuts and other vegetables; though I over indulge sometimes)

What's your take on the current trend of weight loss products especially slim teas?

I've been a victim of some of these products, yet I got no results. With a lot of passion, I advice friends and family to go in for the natural weight loss processes than push over them or recommend any supposed weight loss product.
I don't have any intentions of  destroying anyone's bloomy business but just being cautious with what they trade.

When it comes to eating right, what are your top three recommendations of healthy food and why?

Eat more vegetables, stay hydrated, eat more fruits, less or no carbs and junk. Vegetables contains less calories yet can make you full in no time, fruits contain healthy and needful nutrients(in moderation) whilst carbs are taken for mostly it's energy benefits.

What's your take on people saying eating healthy or living a healthy lifestyle is expensive?

It's true healthy living or eating is expensive but hey I'll keep saying this, you don't need to break a bank or sign off a huge contract to eat healthy. Eat or buy more of fruits and vegetables in their season, eat or buy less of the scarcely type of fruits and vegetables.

What advise would you give to someone out there who is about to embark on this journey but really don't know how to start?

Start by doing your best, never call it least because you don't do it like theirs besides with time, your efforts will push you to your success. Don't fall for a quick fix, remember you didn't wake up one morning big or fat...just as it took you years to put on the weight, It'll definitely take days, weeks, months, or years to get those excess weight off.
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The best project you will ever work on is yourself. Invest in your health and take control of your body, take baby steps, take it one day at a time, go hiking with friends, take long evening walks, turn those things you love doing into your workout routine like dancing, try out those fruits and vegetables you have never tasted before, be patient with your journey and most importantly love the body you have while working on the one you want.

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