Things to Note When Embarking on a Weight Loss Journey

Every decision we make in life as an individual requires a strategic plan to be able to achieve the desired results and weight loss is no different. A weight loss journey is one that requires a lot of hard work, sacrifice and a determined mind. Most individuals wish to lose all the weight in one day forgetting that they didn't gain the supposed weight overnight which eventually results to them giving up.

Here are some things to note when embarking on a weight loss journey and also some tips to help you get started.

Set a Realistic Goal: setting a goal always gives us the zeal to work harder so we can achieve results but when an unrealistic goal is set, we find it hard to reach our target. Aim for a goal that is doable and also achievable. For instance aim at loosing 1 or 2kg in a week rather than aiming at 10kg in a week.

Be Patient: there is no shortcut cut to success and this also applies to weight loss. Losing weight requires a lot of patience and should be taken one day at a time.
Eat healthy, exercise and watch you results come to light.

Don't Compare Yourself to Others: comparison is a joy killer and it can put you in an extremely negative and self doubting state of mind. Everyday you may be confronted by the success of others which happened in a short period of time and this may fill you with negative thoughts. Bare in mind that what works for someone may not work for you as we all have different body types.
Your success will happen in its own time and note that Someone's success is not your failure.

Be Consistent: being consistent in your weight loss journey yields results sooner than you may think. Your journey shouldn't be like a switch that goes on and off, rather it should be a continuous trial of a healthy lifestyle which consists of eating healthy and engaging in physical activities.

Be Accountable: to be accountable in your weight loss journey is to be honest with yourself. Be true to the goals you have ahead of you and ensure you follow the right measures to achieve them.
Don't eat salads in public with your friends and then eat burgers in private because what you eat in private eventually shows in public. Be true to yourself and your goals.

P.S: love the body you have while working on the one you want.