How Healthy is Your BMI?

BMI is an acronym for Body Mass Index. It is the measurement that shows the
amount of fat in one's body and it is based on the given individual's weight in kilogram and height in meters square.
Our body mass index determines the state of our physical well-being, be it underweight, overweight or

Underweight: is a BMI less than 18.50 and an individual who falls under this category should increase his/her calorie intake and engage in physical activities (exercise).

Healthy Weight: is that BMI between 18.50-24.99 and it's the ideal BMI every individual should aim at. A person whose BMI falls between this range should maintain healthy diet and also maintain his/her current level of physical activities. 

Overweight: this is a BMI between 25.00-29.99. it's is classified unhealthy and such individual should reduce his/her calorie intake and also increase level of physical activities. 

Obese: is a BMI ranging from 30 and above. An individual whose BMI is at this level should see a doctor as he/she may be at risk of Type 2 diabetes and Heart diseases

You can calculate your BMI online HERE

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