Do Not Let the Weekend be Your Weak-End

The weekends are usually the toughest when you are on a weight loss journey. compare to the weekdays, the weekend can be overbearing for some people as it is packed with so many activities which in most cases distract you from your goals.
These activities may include weddings, picnics with friends and family, birthdays etc. for some persons the weekend is a big challenge, so here are some tips to help you stay on track.

  • Put On Your Consistency Hat: Train your mind to focus on the goals you had planned out for the week. These goals made you consistent by eating healthy all through the weekdays and same should be done during the weekends.
  • Put in Longer Workouts: if your usual exercise takes 1 hour, increase it to 1:30 minutes to boost extra calorie burn.
  • Make Your Own Meals Instead Of Takeouts: when prepare your own meals, you cut back on extra calories as you are at liberty to make healthier choices as regards to the type of meal. The same can’t be said when you order takeouts from a random eatery.
  • Control Your Portion: most times the weekend may seem unending causing one to eat everything available at home. Ensure you get into the habit of watching the portion of what goes on your plate to avoid consuming extra calories.
  • Don't Overdo Breakfast: compare to the weekday when we just grab a quick breakfast and head out to pursue over daily activities, the weekend gives us the luxury of time to enjoy our breakfast. we should  be mindful while eating so we don't go overboard with extra calories consumption.
  • If You Must Eat Out, Eat Smart: eating clean shouldn't be limited to your kitchen alone as healthier options can still be made while eating out. for instance pick water over soda and packet juices, grilled chicken over deep fried chicken, salads with little or no dressings, etc.
  • Eat Before Heading Attending Events: treat yourself to a healthy meal before leaving for an event as this will keep you filled up and also cause you to eat less. While at the event, ensure you make healthy choices too.

You have put in so much work during the weekdays don’t let the weekend take it all away. It is a weekend not your Weak-end.

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