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Do Not Let the Weekend be Your Weak-End

The weekends are usually the toughest when you are on a weight loss journey. compare to the weekdays, the weekend can be overbearing for some people as it is packed with so many activities which in most cases distract you from your goals.

The Health Benefits of Drinking Water and How it Aids Weight Loss

The body of an average adult is made up of 60% water and this varies in both men and women. Women tend to have a lower percentage of water due to the fact that they have more body fat. The intake of the right amount of water daily (2.5-3 liters) is extremely important as the human body cannot do without it.

Cabbage Soup Recipe

Cabbage soup is packed with lots of health benefits and it has a wide range of nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin C. Cabbage on its own keeps the skin, eyes and hair healthy. It is also used in the treatment if ulcer and varicose veins.

Things to Note When Embarking on a Weight Loss Journey

Every decision we make in life as an individual requires a strategic plan to be able to achieve the desired results and weight loss is no different. A weight loss journey is one that requires a lot of hard work, sacrifice and a determined mind. Most individuals wish to lose all the weight in one day forgetting that they didn't gain the supposed weight overnight which eventually results to them giving up.

Easy home workout video

You really don't need all the fancy gym equipment to get your workout in.
You can simply make use of any weighty object around you.

How Healthy is Your BMI?

BMI is an acronym for Body Mass Index. It is the measurement that shows the
amount of fat in one's body and it is based on the given individual's weight in kilogram and height in meters square.
Our body mass index determines the state of our physical well-being, be it underweight, overweight or


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